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Yes Please

Yes Please - Amy Poehler My rating stands somewhere at 3.5 stars, but as I listened to the audiobook, it was much more entertaining.
I didn't know much about Amy Poehlr when I started it, so I definitely didn't get upset about not finding more about certain aspects of her personal life or career. I was in for a good laugh, and I got it.
The beggining of the book was what I loved most, how Amy simply talks about things like childhood, the inner voice that tells you how imperfect you are, giving birth or several chapters later about her career and careers in general, motherhood, or drugs. I was surprised of how honest she was about her experiences, admitting her faults and mistakes she had made in the past.
The thing that bothered me was how it went on in certain parts with "I did this, and then that and they did this..." like the author couldn't wait to get to the next part.
I know I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if I had read it myself, but as an audiobook, for the most part I felt as if I was drinking tea (or coffee) with Amy while she was telling me little moments of her life. It was funny and at the same time, inspirational.