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Love Volume 1: The Tiger

Love Volume 1: The Tiger - Frederic Brremaud, Federico Bertolucci The times when I used to watch documentaries with animals together with my grandfather have long gone. I simply have other priorities, plus I don't get to see him that often. Still, I really missed something like this - because this is exactly how this graphic novel felt like.

The story has no dialogue, no written text whatsoever (except for a little quote at the end that summed up my feelings perfectly), but instead it follows a tiger's hunt through images alone.


In matters of drawing style, this reminded me of the way Eastern fairytale books were enriched by simple paintings - yet they were so stunning! Being used to all that colourful digital graphics, this was a welcome change.


I really enjoyed this, and the fact that it shows how the tiger's actions influence other animales, his prey or not, fits the pace perfectly, allowing you to have a break from the tension his hunt makes you feel. Nature is impredictable and this was geniously portrayed - frames that seem random and out of place, seemingly in no relation to the story, yet somehow connected to it all.

This book was absolutely gorgeous and I definitely recommended to everyone.