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Autumn Storm

Autumn Storm  - Lizzy Ford Read the full review in both ENG and RO on my blog.

This review may containg spoilers from book 1 and 1.5

Oh… my… glasses! And I thought “Dark Summer” ended in a huge cliffhanger! Compared to this one’s ending… it’s nothing. Thank God there’s the “Autumn Dawn” novella-sequel! I will probably go crazy if I don’t find out soon what’s going to happen.

OK. Now that I’ve had my crazy fangirl moment, it’s time I shared with you my thoughts about this book. First things first. If you haven’t read anything from this series, you don’t know what you’re missing. But if you have already read the first book, then I suggest you don’t skip the “Summer Night” novella before you read “Autumn Storm”, so you can enjoy the continuity of the story.

Thanks to Beck and Rania, Summer reincarnates as Autumn, to have a second chance to do what’s right and, more importantly, help Decker stand up to his Darkness. What’s really refreshing is how different Autumn is compared to Summer. Sure, she is the same innocent girl and has the same magical powers, but she is stronger, more able to stand up to herself. I think I could say that her death as Summer was necessary, as she wouldn’t have been able to help Decker as naive as she was in her past life.

Autumn can’t shake the feeling that she has been before to the boarding school, and already met some of the people who study there. And what I really love is how there is a connection between her and Summer, a ghost of herself, her past. Summer guides Autumn and tries to make her understand what her role is, but it’s very difficult since Autumn’s memories are being blocked with magic.

Decker goes crazy after Summer’s death, and he is fooled to believe surrendering to Darkness would solve all of his problems. He is trying to deal with the situation by doing immoral things, and I know that some people don’t like this sort of characters in books, but they should accept that not everybody is a role model. If an author chooses to write about such things, it doesn’t mean that the author is setting a bad example. On the contrary, I could say that he or she is showing the “how not”.

The action was fast-paced, and I would have liked more detailed descriptions of what the characters were doing and their surroundings. However, we get more insight into the Turner family and how the magic works, and that’s really great since the underexplained magic was one of the things that I didn’t quite like in the first book. I’m very hungry for this kind of things and even now, I still crave to find out more about everything.

There’s something magical in the way Lizzy Ford writes. Sometimes I wonder what kind of glue is put on the covers of her books, as I can’t put them down easily. “One more chapter” I tell myself over and over. You can’t help falling in love with her stories and before you realise you are addicted to one or more of her series.