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Manga Classics: Pride & Prejudice Softcover

Manga Classics: Pride & Prejudice Softcover - Jane Austen I know a great series when I see it. The first "Manga Classics" book I read was the adaptation of Les Miserables, which at the time had very few reviews and was yet another risky choice of a title to review, especially since I had previously been dissapointed by other graphic novels from NetGalley.

But it exceeded my expectations and I requested their second title - "Pride and Prejudice" - another classic I'm planning on reading but never got around to. And once again I am pleased to rate it no less than 5 stars. I waited for the release date to actually review it, and I am amazed to see almost 2 thousand ratings for each of these titles, and an average of over 4 stars. Excellent!

The story mainly focuses on Darcy, Elizabeth and their famous love story. We also have a little insight on Elizabeth's sisters lives and her family in general.

Pride & Prejudice has another illustrator than Les Miserables, a very different style might I add, but it still reminds me of those old, amazing mangas I have loved in the past. The story is your classic historical romance, but having not read the original, I cannot comment on how closely it follows the book.

I can however guarantee you're in for a great read, and having it beautifully illustrated can only be a bonus.