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Claimed (101 Nights, Serial No. 1)

Claimed (101 Nights, Serial No. 1) - S.E. Reign There are no words to say how bad this was. To quote Natalie, "Double shit." Very original. Hmmm... I wonder what other female protagonist in a "porn" book series uses this kind of swearing?
Oh, Anna, didn't see you there. What did you just say? Oh, "Double crap." I see.

By the way, I didn't read 50 Shades, but I've read enough reviews to know to stay away from it. However, I did read good erotica and S.E.Reign is a pen name for an author whose previous books I enjoyed.


To sum it up a little (because I don't have the time or the patience for this book anymore), Natalie agrees to be some billionaire prince's personal whore in private and his fiancee in public because this guy has some issues with his daddy who wants to see him married. Why does she agree to do that, you ask? Well, she was blackmailed. She thinks she's doing a good job because she's saving the building where her family and other poor people live. In fact, she enjoys this whole situation a lot more than she's willing to admit. Because of course, you can't not like a man who treats you like a slave and uses his money to manipulate you.


One particular scene that pisses me off is when "Natty" has an orgasm so strong that she loses consciousness. Guess what he does to her when she wakes up? Oh, yeah. He fucks her again. Really...

Let's not forget when during foreplay he appears to have three hands to play with her.

So... no. Don't read this. Unless you like reading books with terrible sex and no story whatsoever.