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Grimm Fairy Tales: Oz

Grimm Fairy Tales: Oz - Joe Brusha I picked this up for a number of reasons. First of all, I missed reading graphic novels. It somehow manages to relax me a lot more than regular reading, and sometimes this is just the kind of "escape" I need. Secondly, I just *love* fairy tale adaptations.
Supposedly, this should have been the perfect read. And it has been very enjoyable, only it wasn't anything memorable.
The artwork was more than okay, with the exception of characters' facial expressions here and there. Also, the female characters seemed to have come from a Playboy magazine, as is the tendency in a lot of comics nowadays. This hasn't personally bothered me, but I noticed it has been a problem for a lot of readers.
The story retelling wasn't anything extraordinary. We have Dorothy, a Kansas farm girl who adopts a wolf as her pet, and names him Toto. Only Toto belongs to the Wicked Witch from the East, which is the reason why she is transported to Oz in the first place. There is a prophecy which says Dorothy might be the saviour of Oz, but we don't get as much details about it as I would've wanted. I personally found it interesting how Dorothy's friends from the original story (the lion, the scarecrow...) were present in the story in different forms. For instance, the scarecrow used to be a human being who dared to defy the Witch.
All in all, this was a quick, fun read, but it doesn't leave a long-lasting impression. A good pick for when you're bored and don't want to indulge in something with a complicated plot and storyline.