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One is Enough

One is Enough - Love, Julianne Neville Matsumoto-kun is a sixteen-year-old high-school student who, upon bumping into an older, mysterious guy, Mizushima-kun, learns he is actually attracted to boys instead of girls.
Matsumoto falls in love at first sight, but is at the same time ashamed of himself, confused about his feelings, and the fact that Mizushima has past love scars and plays with his feelings certainly does not help.
One is Enough manga tells a cute story about accepting yourself the way you are, about friendship and love.
While I found it to have been fast-paced and overall enjoyable, I couldn't help not being slightly irritated about the cliche story and the unhealthy relationship between the two. Mizushima is always acting cold towards Matsumoto, probably because of his own past and his trouble accepting he is also gay. Matsumoto ends up being hurt a lot because of this, and it didn't make sense that he would always go back and get hurt again, confessing his love for someone whose first name he doesn't even know, let alone his personality.
So even though the drama the two boys have to live (understanding and accepting their true nature) feels very real, the rest of their story together doesn't. This would've been better if the love story wasn't so rushed, in my opinion.