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Twitter Girl

Twitter Girl - Nic Tatano The inevitable has happened. When you hate the main character so much, what can you do other than DNF the book?

Cassidy Shea is famous on Twitter because of her "sarcastic tweets". But sometimes people just don't have a sense of humour and one of her little Twitter jokes was to much to handle. She gets fired and while at first I though "Gee, that's so unfair," Cassidy showed me what kind of a person she is and I switched to "The bitch deserved it."


So what is the plot of this Chick Lit? Presidential candidate Will Becker hires her as help for his campaign. And what do you think miss Cassidy does at this job? Oh, well, other than occasional mean Tweets that were not funny at all (at least not for me) she is much more preoccupied in what hot man at her workplace to get her hands on.